Why should I join your network?

You can join now as one of our “Early Adopters” and receive free to deeply discounted benefits for the life of your membership or wait and pay the full price after we launch the platform. There are no fees and no costs associated with becoming an “Early Adopter.” As one physician put it, “What do I have to lose?”

How much will this cost me?

MediXaid is not a Referral Company or a Directory Service. We do not share in what you charge you patient. Our services are FREE to the Consumer. We collect a very small technology fee from the Provider when they submit a bid that is accepted by the Consumer. This small fee is to bring together buyers of medical products, services and treatments. Our fee is for the “use of the technology” for delivering you as a Provider to your Patient with the opportunity to provide your services.

What are the cost to join?

The MediXaid platform will be FREE to the consumer. Eventually, providers will be charged a set of fees depending on the type of practice for such mandatory things as credentialing, as well as an annual subscription fee. However, we are establishing our South Florida Provider Network with a select group of members we are calling our “Early Adopters.” We are offering special price concessions to these few providers that includes no charge for credentialing or listing on the platform. As we roll out additional benefits, such as data analytics, our “Early Providers” will also receive beneficial pricing on these areas as well. Those who do not join as “Early Adopters” will be charged our standard rates for subscription and credentialing as well as future benefits.

What is your credentialing process like?

The “Welcomed Package” you will receive upon signing up and getting your name on our “Early Adopter” you will find the basic information we will need from your practice: something you have done many times and will be easily uploaded directly to our platform. Once we have completed our base credentialing, our review panel (peer-reviewers) led by our Medical Director, Dr. Pedro Sanchez, will review and approve the package. Following this we will arrange for one of our representatives to visit your office for physical verification of location and services provider.