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MediXaid, Inc., a Florida Corporation, is completing development of a new generation healthcare marketplace platform to address the growing need of self-pay and high deductible consumers for greater transparency in their healthcare costs. The MediXaid™ platform provides a B2C capability that brings together into a single cloud-based, patent-pending virtual marketplace the consumers of healthcare products and services with providers that compete on price, location and schedule for requested products and services.

The MediXaid™ platform will afford providers the opportunity to reach self-pay and high-deductible consumers greatly benefiting the providers’ practice and assuring higher cash flow through immediate payment for services.

This “Early Adopter” Agreement will be available to only a few select providers. For Early Adopters, MediXaid™ agrees to waive Annual Subscription fees, Credentialing and Vetting fees and charge a minimal ($5 to $20) “technology fee” only when a provider’s bid is accepted by a consumer. There are no other fees or assessments to “Early Adopters.” This agreement will have a term of one full year (12 months) beginning with the official launch date of the MediXaid™ platform presently planned for August 2017.

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