About Us

We have combined experts in a wide-range of healthcare fields as well as experienced technology engineers to design and build a revolutionary, market disruptive, electronic marketplace platform that will engage and empower consumers as never before. MediXaid will lead the way in the coming wave of healthcare transformation and your opportunity is to be on the wave.

Today’s patients are more knowledgeable, more empowered, and more involved in their health and wellness.

We created MediXaid because we believe that harnessing the power of technology to impact healthcare and encourage free competition in the healthcare marketplace will ultimately result in an industry that is more patient-centric and bring greater transparency between the patient and healthcare provider.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the healthcare industry by driving cost-effective, high-quality patient-centric healthcare services through free market competition.

Our Vision

To open consumers to accredited and certified providers of healthcare services and products at the “lowest price” with transparency and assurance of high-quality services.

Our Values

We value the consumer and provider recognizing the need to assure integrity, quality and transparency.

Why Join MediXaid?

MediXaid helps providers by allowing you to bring in new patients with little effort on your part.

Maximize Staff Efficiency

Accept patients in a way that makes sense for your schedule and workflow

Increase Patient Volume

Increase patient volume to increase equipment utilization and more efficient use of your staff

Increase Revenue

Attract more patients including those you may not have had access to before MediXaid

Publicize Your Practice

Showcase what you have to offer to prospective patients around the world