Attract More Cash Paying Patients, Increase Your Revenue

MediXall Healthcare Marketplace is a new generation healthcare marketplace that matches providers with prospective patients based on the products or services they have requested.

As a MediXaid Provider Network Member you will increase revenue, increase self-paying and high deductible patients and maximize staff efficiency. We are now accepting members into our Early Adopter Program for the MediXall Platform. As an Early Adopter, we are waiving all fees to join for a full year.

How Will MediXall Work for You?

Here’s how providers like you will be using MediXall to transform healthcare:


List your products and services.

Prospective patients will visit MediXall to request bids for the products and services they need or have prescribed.


Get matched with patients.

When a request aligns with your services and availability, the platform will post your best offer.


Schedule patients.

Once a bid offer is accepted, you’ve gained a new patient. Congratulations!


Improve your strategy.

Once a month you will receive a report of the months activity, so that you can assess your competition and your pricing strategy.

Learn more about how you can become a part of the MediXall Healthcare Marketplace today and the other benefits you will receive!

Why Join MediXaid?

MediXall helps providers by allowing you to bring in new patients with little effort on your part.

Maximize Staff Efficiency

Accept patients in a way that makes sense for your schedule and workflow

Increase Patient Volume

Increase patient volume to increase equipment utilization and more efficient use of your staff

Increase Revenue

Attract more patients including those you may not have had access to before MediXall

Publicize Your Practice

Showcase what you have to offer to prospective patients around the world

What is the Early Adopter Program?

MediXall is building a network of both physicians and patients to join our revolutionary platform. We are currently seeking healthcare providers (both physicians and diagnostic centers) to join our MediXaid Provider Network program and we have created the Early Adopter Program as an incentive to register prior to our full launch later in the second quarter of 2018.


We are waiving the fee to join, all costs associated with credentialing and vetting your practice as well as free setup and onboarding for one full year.. You will also be advertised to all patients on our platform for one full year while enjoying all the benefits that include reaching a broader spectrum of patients in your immediate area. As an Early Adopter, you will be the first to gain access to everything the MediXaid Provider Network has to offer. The Early Adopter Program will only be available to Healthcare Providers for a limited time and will expire soon after the full launch of the MediXall Healthcare Marketplace. Join the more than 5,500 physicians and diagnostic centers that have already joined our “Early Adopter Program” before it is too late.